Thursday, June 28, 2012

White Reigns Supreme

The kitchen...the heart of the home and one of the most expensive rooms in the house to create.  That being said, no one wants to make such a huge investment and then in 10 years look at their dated kitchen and realize that they need to update it (unless you have endless amounts of money and can afford to do so). 

A history of kitchen trends:

The 80s kitchen - A kitchen of white melamine cabinets with a strip of wood on the bottom of each door screams 80s!


The 90s kitchen - Here is a photo of a typical oak kitchen with green countertops.  This is definitely a trend that we would definitely like to forget.  I actually inherited a kitchen very similar to this in 2005!  The house was built in 2001 and the builder (obviously working without a desinger) was unaware of the end of this trend. 

Source: Maria Killam

The kitchen of the 2000s - We are at the end of the dark brown/espresso coloured look.  A trend normally lasts about 10 years and we are beyond the limits for this trend and builders still continue to install them in spec homes.  Why, oh why?

Source: Pinterest


So, why is a white kitchen a timeless choice?  White makes even a small kitchen bright and airy looking.  All colours look great with white.  It's not a bossy colour!  I'll let the following pictures speak for thmeselves...

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Source: TheBungalowTampa

Source: House of Turquoise



What are your thoughts on the white kitchen? 

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A coffee table vignette done perfectly

One of the ways to put the finishing touches in your living room is to style your coffee table with interesting and memorable pieces.  The key is to layering and adding without overdoing it and still keeping it organized.  Creating something visually pleasing and function can be a challenge but,  here are some tips to making your coffee table the centre of attention.

#1.  A tray keeps objects organized, it can add a different finish than the coffee table itself and it can add a pop of colour.  My ultimate is this signature orange Herm├Ęs tray.  What a statement piece!  The other good thing about a tray is when you have guests over, it’s easy to remove. 




#2.     Create visual interest using pieces with differing heights. Not everything should be the same height. Use candle sticks and small decorative items, and create the layering effect with items with differing scale, height and size.



#3.     Books are such an easy way to add dimension and repeat the colour palette in the room.  Make sure you stack books from largest to smallest.  Sometimes if you remove the dust jacket on a book, it actually looks better!


Source: The Simply Luxurious Life

#4.     Keep fresh flowers or a small plant on your table. Alternatively, natural items like pine combs or shells can be displayed in a beautiful bowl.



#5.     Don’t forget about decorating under your table.  Place magazines and other small items in beautiful storage boxes under the table.  Styling under the table can be just as important as what goes on top. 

Source: Pottery Barn

#6.     Remote control clutter can be avoided by placing them in a tray or by hiding them in a small box.

Source: Ballard Designs

Source: Horchow

What are your tips and tricks for styling your coffee table?

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Craving Colour


I have always loved a room with an ethereal look.  Something about it just makes me feel at ease and in balance.  But, lately with this huge explosion of colour in the fashion and design worlds, I have had the tendency to embrace the trend.  But, is this colour trend really a trend?  I think the way in which one incorporates colour can be perceived as “trendy”.  But c’mon...colour is colour and it has always been around!  My rule is if you love a colour, go for it!  Take for example, the gray trend that is so popular right now.  If you buy that uber cool gray sectional (which I admit to doing), chances are in 10 years, you will look at it the same way we look at how the beige/brown trend is so “over” right now.

Lesson to be learned here…buy what you love!  Buying that piece of furniture in your favourite colour will last you a long time.  Because you will always love that colour!  Will I love gray forever?  Probably not….case in point, my once trendy beige sofa has now been banished to media room in the basement!  Still making it work though.

Here’s is some eye candy to feast on!

Source: Pinterest (all photos)

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