Sunday, October 28, 2012

C Wonder: My New Favourite Store

While spending an amazing weekend in NYC, I discovered C Wonder!  This place is bursting full of colour and energy.  The store offers clothing, accessories and home decor with a preppy, luxurious feel.  From the moment you walk in the store, happiness is all around.  WARNING: If you don't like colour, this post is definitely not for you!  If you do, enjoy the eye candy!

Here a few photos that I took:

 Gorgeous vignettes displaying beautiful items throughout the store!

This is probably the most fun dressing room I have ever been in!  I loved the dog themed wallpaper and curtains. 

I absolutely loved these teapot lighting fixtures.  So whimsical!

This wall display created with plates is so simple and unique.  So easy to recreate at home!

And a few of my favourite pieces:

I hope you enjoyed this post!  If you would like me to help fill your life and home with colour, contact me.

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