Friday, February 21, 2014

My new baby: Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant

The fiddle leaf fig tree has to be the hottest house plant right now.  It has been featured in countless design magazines and is a fave of designers Jonathan Adler and Emily Henderson.  It has large, floppy leaves that gives it so much character.  A full sized tree can run upwards of $350!  Something that I am not prepared to spend given my history of having two black thumbs!  Check out these beauties...


I have been on the hunt for a fiddle leaf fig plant that is smaller and a little easier to take care of.  This plant is native to West Africa, likes light but not too much and lots of warmth and can be a little finicky when placed in a new environment.  Great!!!  Cold, dry winters in Ottawa probably not the best climate but I'm willing to give this baby a lot of attention and care.  Yesterday, my search came to an end at IKEA!  And to make it even sweeter, I paid only $7.50!  So, no pressure, if my black thumb conquers all, I’m only out $7.50.  

Now to find the perfect planter!

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