Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Prettiest. Closet. Ever.

My closet.  I have a love/hate relationship with it.  When it's neat and organized, I love walking into it.  When it's not so, I just want to avoid it, it becomes so uninspiring.  Well, my closet definitely pales in comparison to fashion blogger, Rachel Parcell's closet and office space.  Designed by Alice Lane Home, this closet is definitely off-the-charts!  A-MA-ZING!!! 

Rachel writes the blog, Pink Peonies, which I have been a fan of for the past couple years.  Rachel's style is feminine and classic, with a little edge.  I think the closet reflects that completely.  Have a look!  I'm sure, you'll be swooning over it too!

Ok, so we all don't have a closet this size.  But here are my tips for spiffing up your closet, whatever size it may be, and turning it into your own inspirational dressing room.
#1.  Take everything out of your closet.  And I mean everything!  Sort it into four piles: Keep, Repair, Donate and Toss.   
#2.  Take note of what storage and hanging space you have.  A trip to Ikea may be in order to buy shelves, baskets or racks.
#3.  Buy some new hangers, toss out those old dry-cleaning wire hangers and opt for a uniform look of wooden (my fave) or velvet hangers.
#4.  Glam up your lighting.  That ridiculously boring flush mount light can be easily replaced by a beautiful chandelier or a statement pendant. 
#5.  Sort your clothes by type, then by colour, from lightest to darkest.  Instead of trying to find that perfect blouse hidden next to a blazer, you'll know right where to find it!  This will save you so much time when putting together an outfit.  And clearly you can see how beautifully Rachel does it in her closet.
#6.  Invest in a full-length mirror!  I am not talking about the ones we all had when we were in university, the $9.99 mirror from Wal-Mart!  No, a beautifully framed mirror so you can see how gorgeous you look in your styled outfit!
#8.  Add artwork!  Some fashion inspired art of your favourite style icons will give a whole new look to your space.
#7.  Organize and really put some creative thought into how you can display your beautiful jewelry pieces.  Incorporate decorative hooks, stands, fabric covered cork board or small dishes and teacups. 
Try one, a few, or all of these tips to turn your closet into your own personal boutique!  Share with me how it goes!  Do you have any of your own tips?  How do you style your closet?
If you need help styling or decorating your closet, contact me.  I am currently taking e-clients; contact me for details. 

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