Monday, September 17, 2012

Glebe House Tour

It was a perfect afternoon to tour the Glebe.  The sun was shining and the neighbourhood was buzzing with people.  I managed to get to four of the six houses included in this year's lineup.  And they all showed off some stunning designs  There was a mix of modern and traditional elements in the houses.  Designs were done professionally but, also by some of the homeowners.  If I could sum it all up, the looks had a definite electic mix.  A good lesson for design today, don't take it too seriously, add elements to a room that you love.  Whether it's a favourite family photo or small artifacts from your travels around the world.  Those are the things that tell the story of your life and our homes should reflect your story.  All that being said, I was not allowed to take any photographs of these homes.  :(  There are so many things that I wanted to capture.  I made sure to take a lot of good notes after the tour.  I will show a few photos from my favourite house.  (Source: The Ottawa Citizen  and Desire to Inspire)

I loved the front entrance of this house. The stonework set the stage for this house. 

 Although this house did not have a formal entrance, I immediately got a warm and welcoming feeling.  


A curved wall was created to hide a support beam between the main hallway and the dining room/kitchen.  I love how the owners used it to create a chalkboard.

For the backsplash in the kitchen, marble bubble mosaic was used.  So much fun!

There were so many things to love in this house but, this had to be my favourite!...A garage door in the living room that opens up to the patio.  So amazing.  You'll also notice the wood panel sliding doors in the background.  These are made with reclaimed wood from the walls that were taken down in the house.  An amazing way to keep a little bit of the old. 


Love this colourful wallpaper used in the main floor bathroom.
There was a definite retro feel in this work area and bathroom.  Love the turquoise and orange colour combination!
Rumour has it that this table and chairs were found on kijiji! 

 Now to the second floor....Here are the bedrooms of two lucky kids!


In both kids' rooms the closets are IKEA's Pax wardrobes.  This was customized to accomodate the sloped ceiling. 

Love this hit of colour in the media room (I have a room very similar to this in my house) and the artwork in the wall.

Even the exterior was given as much attention as the rest inside.  Every bit of space was used to create a beautiful, modern living area. 


Sorry I didn't get to show you more but, you can see lots more of photos of this and another house on the tour over at Desire to Inspire. 

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